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New to singing?

No previous knowledge or skill is required -

we will give you all the information necessary.

Study from home

Practise from anywhere in the world –  

at home, work or on a trip abroad.

Choose your own pace

Each new lesson opens up in every 2 or 3 days, but you can always do it in your own time.



After graduating from Vocal Master

90% of our students start to sing better already in the first month of training, 

and you too will develop the following aspects:

  • Master your voice

    You will sing with power and reach high notes without causing any damage to your voice, as well as master techniques that all of the Greatest singers on the planet are using to sound amazing!

  • Sing in tune 

    Singing out of tune has nothing to do with your ears. Anyone can sing in tune once they learn to control the muscles in their voicebox.

  • No more stage fright

    You will gain confidence by understanding how your voicebox works and won't be afraid to sing in front of other people ever again!

  • Improve public speaking

    You will know how to speak without losing your voice to stress and anxiety. From now on everything you say will sound convincing and be a confident speaker!

  • Know music theory 

    You will learn how to read music and gain basic knowledge of music theory in a simple and comprehensive manner!

  • Sing well

    You will know the difference between all of the genres of popular music, and will sing accordingly to the style of your chosen repertoire!


We are very proud of all of our students. Here's a few of them in action upon graduation or halfway through the Vocal Master program.



No matter the background, we guarantee results to anyone who takes our course.

Been told

''don't sing''

No knowledge or skill

Have you been told by someone that you don't have a singing voice? Or that you are tone deaf? A hopeless case that shouldn't sing and cannot be helped?

Let us prove them wrong!

The best results in our program are achieved by this particular category. Because they don't have any preconceived ideas and old habits that need to be fixed. We will take you from zero to hero in a few months - just try and you'll see!

What have you got to lose?


Little or no experience 

  • Want to develop a beautiful and strong voice
  • Want to learn how to sing in tune
  • Get rid of hoarseness and pain while singing
  • Overcome fear and shyness to sing in front of the audience
  • To not be embarrassed by your own voice and how it sounds on a recording

Music Lovers

Some training in music

  • Want to extend your vocal range
  • Want to create a softer and more beautiful sound
  • Train your diaphragm and breathing, to not get tired easily
  • Acquire greater strength and capacity of your vocal ability 
  • Learn how to belt and do other vocal techniques
  • Find the style that suits your voice – enrich your performance to be unique, captivating and unforgettable


Significant musical background

  • Want to eliminate difficulty to reach the highest and lowest notes in your range
  • Learn 2 types of vibrato and lots of other tricks, so that nothing could restrict your performance or limit your vocal ability
  • Develop your vocal stamina and sing for a long time without a negative effect on your voice – hoarseness, discomfort or pain
  • Learn all the popular music techniques, not only a few of them
  • Gain a complete understanding of how the voice and its surrounding muscles work, comprehend the nuances of all the ligaments and cartilages involved in creating a sound and who is responsible for what, so that you could be completely in charge of your vocal instrument and be able to master any technique and style of your choice


Upon completing our 1-year program, you will have a full understanding

of how your voice works and be able to perform songs of any level of difficulty.



Thanks to our expert's knowledge, experience and qualification we have been able to develop a unique program that will help you achieve your desired sound.

Vocal Coach - Singer - Songwriter - Conductor - Arranger - Poet

  • Graduated from London College of Music with Bachelor Degree (Bmus Popular Music Performance)
  • 8 years of experience in London music industry
  • Triple medallist in the biggest a cappella competition in the world ''Moscow Spring A Cappella'’ (2017, 2018 & 2019)
  • Released a debut solo album in London, March 3, 2014
  • Touring accros UK, Ireland and Germany
  • Appeared live in the biggest radio stations (BBC Radio 2, BBC London, BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Humberside, RTE 1, Radio Bremen u.c.); 
  • Performed live for 1 million audience in BBC Radio London show with Gabby Roslin
  • Became a finalist at the Washington Songwriter’s competition with her song Eclipse from the debut album ''Songs From An Empty Stage''; 
  • Worked as a vocal coach in prestigious music colleges and private institutions in UK and Latvia (Arts Academy, Riga Dome Choir School, Ventspils Music School and others)
  • Created the curriculum in the first musical theatre department for musical theatre singing, popular music singing and history of musical theatre. (Note: this department is the pioneer in musical theatre education in Latvia)
  • Worked with an a cappella group Latvian Voices as their vocal coach during the recording of their second studio album ‘’Pāri Robežām’’
  • One of her star students Vanda Silina became the voice of Disney’s ''Moana'' (Vaiana) in Latvian.
  • All of the candidates mentored by Annie received rave reviews from the judges and qualified for X-factor as the show finalists  (2017&2018)
  • Expert in online education platform Vocal Master bringing all of her expertise and qualifications to students all around the world!


Check out our expert in action with one of her star students - Amanda.


Edvards Kokars

CEO and Founder

Austra Kozulina

Assistant Vocal Coach

Annie Gold

Vocal Coach and Expert 

Alena Guseva

Social Media Strategist

Veronika Danilevica

Head of Operations

Amanda Marzecka

Curator and Admin


  • 2 modules 



  • 15 masterclasses

  • 10 exercises

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